Automation could affect half of Canadian jobs over the next decade. See how it might impact you and what
you can do now to prepare.
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Built with support from and MaRS, planext is a career information tool designed to help Canadians explore how technology might impact their careers in the future, and what they can do now to prepare. Bringing together census data and industry research, planext helps individuals navigate the future of work by connecting them with the latest statistics about automation risk, transferrable skills,and job training. Whether you’re already working in an industry currently facing disruption or a recent graduate entering the workforce, planext provides you with the information and support you need to future-proof your career.

planext helps navigate the future of work
supported by MaRS Discovery District

How it Works

career transitioning

See which occupations highly correlate to skills and abilities you already have, and chart a potential future career path


Identify opportunities for training and education that can help fill skills gaps, boost your resume and future-proof your career

future-proof jobs

Connect with employment opportunities that align with your current job, skills and future career path.

future of work

Up to the Task: Toward a pathways model for enabling Canada’s workforce transition

The report outlines the economic context of the platform; explains the need for employment pathways; and details the methodology used to build those pathways.

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